Eyrir Invest

Eyrir Invest is an international investment company that focuses on investments in industrial companies that have the potential to become true global leaders. Eyrir places great emphasis on aligning execution with good long-term strategic planning.

Eyrir Invest’s core holdings are well positioned on a global scale within growth industries. 

Eyrir Invest was founded in mid-2000. Eyrir’s investment strategy does not follow any preconceived timeframe. Its “Buy and Build” strategy has a proven track record as shareholder value has increased well above market returns since foundation.


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Eyrir Invest increases financial flexibi…


Eyrir Invest has sold 10 million shares in Marel hf. The transaction increases Eyrir's financial strength and operational flexibility. The shares were sold at a price of ISK 348 per...

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Marel Q1 2017 results


Q1 2017 – Robust order intake and solid operational performance Revenue for Q1 2017 totaled 252.5m [Q1 2016: 220.6m]. On a pro forma basis, revenue in Q1 2016 was 233.9m. EBITDA for...

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Eyrir partners with Efni


Eyrir Invest has acquired 33% of the share in Efni ehf., a sales and marketing organization that leverages the brand of Iceland to directly market products, open distribution channels, and...

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Eyrir Invest increases financial flexibi…


Eyrir Invest has sold 15 million shares in Marel hf. in a transaction which increases Eyrir's operational flexibility and strengthens Marel's shareholder base. Eyrir was approached by Landsbankinn Capital Markets...

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Marel Q4 2016 Results


Q4 2016 – Order intake at all-time high Revenue for Q4 2016 totaled 250.0m [Q4 2015: 201.9m]. On a pro forma basis, revenue in Q4 2015 was 248.8m. EBITDA for Q4 2016 was...

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Marel Q3 2016 Results


Solid performance with 14.2% EBIT Revenue for Q3 2016 totaled 234.8m [Q3 2015: 189.1m]. On a pro forma basis, revenue in Q3 2015 was 229.7m. EBITDA for Q3 2016 was 41.5m or...

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Marel Q2 2016 Results


Record revenue and robust operational performance Revenue for Q2 2016 totaled 264.2m [Q2 2015: 218.3m]. On a pro forma basis, revenue in Q2 2015 was 253.1m. EBITDA for Q2 2016 was 48.4m...

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Marel Q1 2016 results


Marel Q1 2016 Results: Pro Forma EBIT of 15% and strong order book Q1 2016: Pro forma financial results Revenue for Q1 2016 totaled 233.9m [Q1 2015: 244.1m of which discontinued operations...

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Closing of Stork sale to Fluor Corp


Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) announced today that the company closed its acquisition of Stork Holding B.V. Fluor announced in early December 2015 that the company had agreed to purchase 100...

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